5 motivating tips for spring cleaning

Simply bring order to your home.

DHe is finally here: the days are getting longer, the flowers bloom and the birds chirp cheerfully and accompany us into spring. A great time. If it weren't all the sunshine that would illuminate all the disorder that we have accumulated over the winter. Time for spring cleaning.

Are you not yet motivated? We give you some great tips to make your home fresh and tidy for the summer. Here we go!

1. Create a plan

Proceed strategically and bring order and cleanliness to your home by editing space for space. Make a list in advance which rooms should be tidied up and which goals you want to achieve. And then she starts with the first room.

2. Expose and reorganize

A large part of spring cleaning is to sort out things that you no longer need or to find a suitable and tidy place for your things. It is best to start with two stacks: one for 'that can' away 'and a' that stays'. When it comes to things, you can still divided whether you want to throw it away, give away or possibly even sell it.

Profitipp: Find a place in the house, possibly two boxes in the basement/attic, where you can keep the things for 'give away' and 'sell' from all rooms until you are ready with spring cleaning. It is best to get away what you want to throw away.

What remains in the room are the things you want to keep and admit it. Small baskets and storage boxes help you to clear everything. Thus, everything valuable will find a beautiful place in your newly tidy, freshly fragrant home.

3. Preparation is everything

As already mentioned in the first point, an elaborated plan and preparation is the most important thing so that they remain motivated. Organize a few empty boxes in advance and buy your cleaning products (cleaning agents and microfiber cloths).

Profitipp: Only buy the cleaning products that you really need. It is best to get a very good all -purpose cleaner with which you can clean almost everything, a remedy for the windows, the oven and if you want something for the bathroom.

4. From big things to small things

In every room you should first start clearing out the big things. In the bedroom z. B. with clothing and shoes. Place everything in the middle of the room and start with your two stacks: away or keep. Clean the clothing box and then clear your clothes that you want to keep. Bring the Weg-Kleiderberg out of the room so that it doesn't get in the way. Then get to the small items in the room. After sorting out, bring the pile of path straight from the room. If everything is sorted, chests of drawers, night boxes, etc. and you have sorted everything again, you can clean the windows, clean the doors and door frames, dust out the blinds, wash curtains and finally suck the room. Tip: If you want, you can also set up fragrance candles, a fragrant potpourri or whatever you want for the freshness in the room.

Profitipp: Stop a few minutes and look at the completely tidy, cleared and newly sorted rooms and enjoy the sight. This gives you an incredible motivation boost for the next rooms.

5. Combine with simple

Define in advance which rooms will do the most and which will do the slightest work. The kitchen, bedroom (including wardrobe) as well as the storage room and basement/attic are usually the rooms that need the most use, time and motivation. Always switch between an elaborate room and one that goes faster. This helps to maintain motivation enormously.

Profitipp: Under no circumstances should you put all the spring cleaning on one day or for a whole weekend. Spread it over several days and always make two rooms: an elaborate and then a quickly tidy and cleaned room.

At the beginning, many cleaners make the serious mistake and go uncoordinated from space to space to sort out everything. What you create are distributed stacks in the entire house (path, keep, give away, sell). It is very easy to lose the overview and, when looking at the chaos, it could easily happen that the previously enormous motivation is lost.

So stay with your spring cleaning plan and motivate yourself every time you leave a room clean, fresh and tidy. Tip: Don't forget to close the doors so that no dust from the other (still untidy) rooms penetrates.

We have not yet mentioned the children's rooms!

At the end you should tackle this. You may be able to integrate your little ones in advance by providing you with two boxes per room/per child and giving you the task of sorting out your things yourself. Compared to the other rooms, they may need, depending on the age of their children, most time, coordination, chaos, persuasion, self -motivation and motivation and conflict management. So it is very importantThat you already know that you have already mastered everything else!

The top profitipp at the end: At the end of the spring cleaning, reward yourself with something really great! For example, a spa day, a visit to the hairdresser or with a delicious, cheerful dinner with the whole family. Whatever you accompany the strenuous moments of spring cleaning as a reward in the head!

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