Finally order in your home - with these 7 steps you can do it in no time!

Keeping his home constantly organized is time -consuming and a big challenge. It doesn't have to be that way! With the right system, it is easy to create and keep. We show you in seven steps how you simply bring order to your home in the long term.
Living room with white couch

Step 1 - Planning

Always process space for space or area for area and determine which goals should be achieved. If you can already do this in step 1, take all the mass of the room / area and plan the future layout as well as which order helpers and storage systems you need (see also step 4 - layout). 

Step 2 - overview

Space everything and spread everything well and clearly in front of you, preferably already in rough categories for a good overview.
💡Tip: Roughly group things when you clear out (e.g. cleaning agents, electronics, handicrafts, supplies, etc.). This makes it easier to sort out sorting out because you have a better overview.

Step 3 - sort out

Dispose of expired products professionally and sort out unwanted items and everything:

  • unnecessarily double and more is available
  • has no longer or never needed
  • is broken
  • doesn't belong in this room at all
  • you no longer like 

Step 4 - categorize

Share your products and objects into categories. These can be rough categories such as electronics, cosmetics, handicrafts or detailed categories such as cables, painting, facial care.
💡Tip: The more general the categories are formed, the easier and more flexible you can also classify new products / objects. The categories have to make sense for you personally, so that keeping your order is as simple as possible.   

Storage container for clothing with compartments

Step 5 - layout

Plan the new layout. It is best to additionally with a rough sketch and masses. Plan this according to the category and zones. A category distributed in several organizers should always be planned side by side. What is used frequently should quickly be at hand. Very important: Keep dangerous things / categories for children such as cleaning agents or medication out of reach.
Organize the right regulatory assistants and storage systems if you don't already have them at home.

Step 6 -clean

Clean the room / area thoroughly before the new is granted.

Step 7 -classify

Organize suitable regulatory assistants and storage systems with which you can grant the new categories and zones. Room the even empty organizing products and check whether the planned layout fits for you or put it a little again if necessary.
Optional: The organizing products temporarily label with the planned categories with the help of post-it.
Now put the newly organized things into the organizing products and definitely label them with the associated category.

And finally: From now on everything has its permanent place, so you can get order in the long term.

Collage desk cleaning storage box kitchen
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