Refrigerator organization made easy

Hygiene fans and regulatory lovers, be careful: design yoursrefrigerator Clearly and enjoy relaxed cooking experiences! - Our helpers forOrder make it easier to store food, planning the next purchase and the handling of food.

Kitchen white with an open refrigerator

Here you can read the most important advantages of our tools forOrder in therefrigerator:

Make space

Optimize the storage space in your refrigerator. Our food storage boxes can be stacked effortlessly. Use both the storage space of the glass cutting discs and the entire room over it. Our transparent storage containers with removable lids offer space for raw food, meat and cold cuts.

Always fresh

Our cupboard box is particularly sophisticated: Here you can store freshly washed food such as fruit and vegetables. The drain basket inside the cupboard box enables draining. The ventilation valve in the removable lid, as well as the discharge in the floor, preserve food from mold and ensure long -lasting freshness. Use the help of a accessible partition to divide the basket horizontally or vertically, and store different ingredients separately.

But now subito!

When cooking, we have my hands full. Practical that you can take your ingredients with one hand thanks to our fridge drawers! They are installed by simply plugging in. They can be pulled out easily, so you can reach everything stored with one handle. But even without using a slide, you will receive the Order, can be stacked and use the storage space optimally. The usable partition walls enable use for several foods.

Currently clear

Our turntable in different designs can be rotated by 360 ° and present everything from mustard glasses to tabascular bottles to cocktail sauces or fruit. Thanks to the integrated anti-slip coating, the freight does not slide when the circle. The handles in our turntable "Lazy Susan" make transport to the dining table easier. So everyone can reach the side dishes at the brunch.

Egg dish made easy

With our egg box you can end the eggs rolling around. It houses up to twelve eggs in theirs refrigerator. The egg box can be stackable through the lid, the second layer is effortlessly stored over it. The transparent plastic enables you to find out immediately whether you have to provide eggs.

A men's paradise

In order to breastfeed the small and big thirst, we like to store drinks cold. Refreshments such as doses and bottles rob a lot of space because the room above them remains unused. Our transparent bottle holders solve this problem. They reveal the bottle content and can simply be stacked on top of each other to optimally use the space. In the curve, each bottle remains stable and does not roll over the glass partition.
Retirement drinks are clearly stored in our can holder at hand. You can save yourself tedious out of rolling out of rolled doses!

Shopping list à la minute

Since all our tools are available transparently, you can quickly see what belongs to your shopping list. Through intelligent solutions from our order helpers, your food remain fresh longer and can be sorted according to your wishes. The easy removal of our products makes regular cleaning ease.

A well -organized refrigerator offers you clarity, easy handling when cooking, numerous options for an improved Order and storage of food, as well as optimal use of space. Order Is half kitchen life!
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