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by Leonie Schmid 05 Nov 2021

Whether illuminated and walk-in or small and cozy, neat it should be!
TheCloset - for many women it is the centerpiece of the apartment. Men, on the other hand, prefer it to be practical and well organized. Learn our 5 tips for moreOrder atCloset:


Put an end to time-consuming laundry rummaging

You pull open the drawer and the pair of socks you loved to go for a walk with today beams at you. Our drawer dividers make this dream come true. They are quickly installed and harmonize with any drawer size. The integrated protective sponge pads provide a stable hold. Our noble bamboo drawer dividers visually fit perfectly into natural wood cabinets. For individual division of white drawers, we recommend our white variant.
In their compartments they accommodate socks, underwear or T-shirts. For optimal use of space, even smaller compartments can be designed with our cut-to-size drawer dividers.

If all drawers are occupied, use the space in the hanging shelf. The integrated drawer can be used to tame clothes that tumble around. The compartments offer vertical storage space for cozy blankets and bags, for example.

Shoe reorganization

If you trip over your shoes in the entrance area, now simply store them in theCloset. For this purpose, our shoe organizers serve you. Space is here for one pair at a time. The shoes are stored on top of each other and thus give you twice the storage space. Through the front and rear view of your favorite pieces you discover them at first glance. Whether sneakers, high heels or ankle boots, there is room for many models in the shoe organizer.
Alternatively, our extendable shoe boxes offer even more vertical storage space. These can be conveniently stacked on top of each other. The transparent front shows which specimen is inside.

Exquisite lingerie

BringOrder in the laundry chaos. Our storage boxes for underwear provide a clear view. Small pieces of laundry snuggle sorted and ready to hand in small compartments. Choose the design that suits your needs.

Nicely labeled it is easier to find. For moreorder "at first glance" choose our set of individually writable label holders with clip, roommates will also benefit. Thanks to the clip, the label holders can be attached to a wide variety of containers and removed effortlessly if desired.

Pendulum trouser legs

Some fancy legwear with a crease prefers to hang, and some of its owners like to keep track of their pant choices. To do this, simply hang our multiple trouser hangers on the clothes rail. They're excellent for creased pants, scarves and ties. The space-saving hanging ensures you more storage space in theCloset.

For moreOrder on shelves quickly mount our transparent wardrobe dividers. Clothes stay neatly stacked in the spaces between them. Cleanly separated from each other, nothing slips away. Just as aesthetically they fix the towels in the bathroom or your favorite books in the office.

Our belt & tie holders line up your favorites visibly and within reach next to each other. So there is no chaos in drawers. Hanging favorite scarves stay wrinkle and knot free. This is gentle on materials and saves time.

With practical tools, the reorganization of home andcloset is a lot of fun. This way you can make the most of the storage space available.Order atCloset saves time in the morning and provides an aesthetic image when opened.







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