Spice jars and accessories

Fragrant thyme, lovely rosemary, strong basil - the world of herbs is so colorful and versatile. Just like our range of spice storage. Spices have a long tradition and still convince as aromatic ingredients in numerous dishes. Some of them are even said to have health benefits. One more reason to ensure a large selection of spices in your kitchen. So that you are not faced with the question of where with all the aromatic delicacies, you will find smart spice organizers who ensure the ideal storage. In addition to the timeless aesthetic design of the spice storage, our spice glasses convince with an airtight closure, so that even after a long storage, every spice shows its full taste. Stickers, labels and labels ensure a perfect label of your spices so that you never have to search for long. With the removable scattering, you determine the dosage yourself. In their symphony, the individual glasses find a charming and decent place on our wooden spice storage. The well thought-out design brings order and overview on three floors and shows itself as a pull-out kitchen and spice shelf made of bamboo completely natural and space-saving. With us you will find spice organizers according to your ideas and thanks to the flexible adaptation in height and length, this adapts to your circumstances.