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by Michèle Borer 04 Sep 2022

Not all drawers are the same. Whether flat, high, wide or narrow, with these tips and a few proven organizers, you can easily get order in any drawer.


  1. Define the purpose of the drawer - if you don't define what belongs in the drawer, it can quickly become a dumping ground for all sorts of things and chaos is inevitable.
  2. Get an overview - spread everything out well and clearly in front of you.
  3. Categorize - everything that has the same purpose is categorized into a group.
  4. Sorting out - what is not needed, is available several times, is broken or does not belong in the drawer, is sorted out.
  5. Set & Arrange Layout- Organizers make sure that the different categories are separated from each other, everything gets its permanent place and it stays tidy in the long run. Here are some of our favorite organizers for any type of drawer....

Wide drawers

The easiest solution for a wide drawer is to add one or two expandable drawer inserts. Our expandable drawer inserts TOWER by Yamazaki come in different finishes as well as colors and can be assembled individually.


Narrow drawers

For narrow drawers, we recommend limiting the drawer to a single category, such as dishtowels or cooking spoons. Our drawer dividers BAMBOO and LINUS are the perfect helpers here. They take up little space and create categories easily and quickly.

Deep drawers

Especially in the kitchen you can find a lot of deep and wide drawers. These are perfect for cookware and baking dishes, but are usually too big for other things. Our tip? Divide and structure. Our large drawer dividers WOOD, WHITE, LINUS and storage container BINZ extra long fit perfectly here and also bring structure and order into the usually chaotic Tupperware drawer.

Flat drawers

We call a drawer shallow if it is less than 8cm high. We find these drawers everywhere, often in desks but also in kitchens and bathrooms. Drawer inserts are a real game changer here. They are not particularly high and the different inserts can be customized in size and shape to fit the drawer and category. Our favorites here are CLARITY, LINUS and WHITE.


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