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by Leonie Schmid 17 May 2021

How do you make it easy for yourself and your child to tidy up? Our products and suggestions will help you to Order in the Children's room and additionally create a friendly atmosphere.

Kids room tidy
Four ideas to help you spend less time cleaning and more time with your child:

1. clear view of the parquet

At children's room there is laughter, frolicking and running. Cars drive, dinos stomp and horses gallop. Moms, however, want to suck. For all these activities, a clear floor is helpful. This is where our storage boxes come in handy. Store everything that is not being played with at the moment: Cuddly toys, dolls, balls. With the bright color scheme and their cute animal motifs, they decorate the Children's room.
Establish order rituals for daily tidying. For example: the floor must be clear before you go to the playground. Dirty laundry is transported to our round storage basket after undressing. This one is also decorated with childlike motifs and has a practical drawstring closure.

2. playful on reset

Children love to play with Lego bricks, parents are less likely to step on them. Invent fun games together to clean up together and Order and keep things tidy. This keeps the mood fun and relaxed. A positive side effect: you strengthen your child's motor skills, stamina and desire to win.
Three ideas: Long-distance tossing with stuffed animals or Lego bricks into one of our toy boxes is fun for everyone.
Paint funny motifs on our labels and use them to stick on storage boxes in the Children's room. This makes it easier for children to assign their toys to the storage location.
Set up apartments together for favorite cuddly toys and dolls. Equip our "PomPom" and "Nordic" storage baskets with small cuddly blankets. The bed for Teddy, Barbie and Co. is ready.

3. prevent toy chaos

How much order would we have if we only played with toys from two categories at the same time, for example books and dinos? When the reading lesson is over, the books are tidied up and the puzzles may be spread out.
Stow half of all toys in toy boxes and store them for a few weeks. Hordes of stuffed animals like to rest in our storage basket with a drawstring closure. If your child loses interest in the current toy, simply swap it out and your little roommate will be happy to have almost forgotten belongings. Excellent for this purpose are our foldable storage boxes, which can be stowed when not in use.

4. order in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Store clothes that do not match the current season, as well as bedding, socks and other optical sins. The closet will remain uncluttered and no controversies will arise in the winter over beloved, thin summer nightgowns.
Present a selection of clothes in the closet, let your child help decide what he prefers to wear. This way you will have the essentials in mind and the morning routine will run smoothly.
Part with clothes regularly for young children. The favorite tights won't fit next winter anyway.

When decorating the child's room, look for light colors, carpeting and a quiet ambiance if the room also serves as a bedroom. Favorite toys should be at the child's height so he can reach them and help clean them up. Parents prefer Order, children love play corners. Design the Children's room with cozy retreats or a family reading corner - for a relaxed togetherness.
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