Hush, in the basket! - How to keep order in the household

At homeOrder Hold, is simple, time -saving - and a habit! With our household organizers and few tricks, there is no hours cleaning up. Assign a place to every item and organize your apartment efficiently and tastefully.

Order in the household

10 tips for moreOrder in thehousehold with immediate effect:

1. Welcome home!

Shoe boxes and storage baskets for valuables make the entrance area clear. The floor remains free when you immediately put the shoes off your assigned box. A pocket emptyer is suitable for depositing your valuables. Women with daily changing handbag desire to win time. Men also have everything in mind.
A storage box designs the entrance area in line with the child. Here children can take off their scarves and hats independently without having to have long distances.

2. A paradise for cooks and food

Organizehousehold And kitchen so that your cooking accessories can be reached with one hand. Useful tools are our turntable and spice shelves. These prevent chaos in the cupboards and decorate their ingredients. Refrigerator drawers organize their food, separate separating inserts.
Your cooking paradise becomes clear with storage boxes and spice glasses. Decorative labels fall in the fast eye.

3. Eggs instead of lounging

Use short waiting times: does the coffee machine run or the schnitzel is still sizzling? Now clear out the dishwasher, sort laundry, destroy files. This saves time that you would also have to raise.

4. Your wellness oasis

A bathroom shinesOrder and cleanliness. In storage baskets, towels and care products can be sorted and stored hygienically. Our metal baskets are suitable for keeping dripping bathing articles such as sponges and shampoos. Our drawers and make-up organizers keep beauty items in the same place. The jewelry box keeps chains, rings and earrings.
A laundry basket should not be missing in the bathroom. Some baskets inhousehold Distributed, save them the repeated path to the bathroom.

5. Sleep more calmly

Clothing needs a lot of space - or well -used storage space. Our cabinet parts help you: your favorite pieces remain visible and do not slide away on the side. Unused rod space, you can quickly transform into a shelf system with a hanging shelf - including pull -out drawers. Separate the drawer divider small clothes such as socks and briefs.
True all -rounders are our storage boxes with built -in divisors. You do not need a drawer and stow everything from socks to bras to shirts.

6. The 2-minute rule

Do you inhousehold Everything that can be done immediately: wipe away the crumbs next to the bread cutting machine, put the sweater together and stow away. Small construction sites do not add up and yourshousehold stay clean.

7th order In the toy jungle

Children have various toys. Prevent daily chaos, design an interior with a lot of storage space. In addition to our storage basket with lace -up closure, our storage boxes with cute motifs offer a way for children to learn to sort out themselves. Thanks to the fabric cover, you can play legisan stone throwing silently with your child. The soft material also reduces the risk of injury in the game.

8. A poor laundry

ForOrder In the laundry room, cleaning utensils and detergents can be easily stored on turntellers and in storage boxes. A time part tip: Sort different colored laundry into different clothes baskets.

9. A clear head in the workplace

Office materials and pens can be arranged in storage boxes. A small basket on the table houses your valuables. A tidy look frees the mind and increases its concentration.

10. Schnipp, snap, thread off

If you store your handicraft utensils in labeled storage boxes, you save yourself searching and can start with your creative hobby. Disciples separate the drawer divider.
Decorate wool in fabric storage or pull the thread through the grid of the metal corb when knitting. Brushes, pearls and pompoms are always at hand in our turntellers.
Store home training equipment such as dumbbells and gymnastics bands in a basket, along with a shoe box next to it.

Order-to -go -one last tip: Always take a difference when you leave the room and bring it back to your place. Save yourself for a long time. Design yourshousehold Practical and inviting. We will help you implement!

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