Order for every drawer size - with these tips you can easily

The drawer is not the same as a drawer. Whether flat, high, wide or narrow, with these tips and a few proven regulatory helpers, you can easily get order in every drawer.


  1. Define the purpose of the drawer - if not determined what is in the drawer, it can quickly become a unloading point for everything and the chaos is inevitable.
  2. Get an overview - spread everything well and clearly in front of you
  3. Categorize - everything that has the same purpose is categorized to a group
  4. Sort out - which is not used, is available several times, broken or not in the drawer, is sorted out
  5. Place the layout & classify - regulatory assistants ensure that the different categories are delimited from each other, everything gets its fixed place and it remains sustainable in the long run. Here are some of our favorite regulations for any kind of drawer ...

Wide drawers

From Yamazaki there are different designs and colors and can be put together individually.

Narrow drawer

BAMBOO  Are the perfect helpers here. They take up little space and quickly and easily create categories.

Deep drawer

Wood, WHITE, Linus  Extra long fit perfectly here and also bring the most chaotic tupperware drawer structure and order.

Flat drawer

Clarity, WHITE.


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