At home is where my wardrobe lives - order in the clothing paradise

Whether illuminated and accessible or small and cozy, it should be neat!
Of thewardrobe - For many women, he is the heart of the apartment. Men, on the other hand, prefer it practical and clear. Find out our 5 tips for moreOrder in thewardrobe:


No more time-consuming laundry

They open the drawer and it shines on the couple of socks with which they like to go for a walk today. Our drawer divisers will fulfill this dream. They are quickly installed and harmonize with every drawer size. The integrated sponge pads offer a stable hold. Our noble bamboo drawers fit optically in natural wood cabinets. We recommend our white variant for the individual division of white drawers.
In your compartments you can accommodate socks, underwear or T-shirts. For optimal use of space, even smaller departments can be designed with our cutable drawers.

If all drawers are occupied, use the space in the hanging shelf. Clothing can be tamed around in the integrated drawer. The compartments offer vertical storage space for, for example, cuddly ceilings and bags.

Shoe reorganization

If you stumble across your shoes in the entrance area, just store them inwardrobe. Our shoe organizers serve them. There is space for a couple. The shoes are stored on top of each other and thus give them the double storage space. Discover them at first glance through the front and rear view of your favorite pieces. No matter whether sneaker, high heels or ankle boots, there are many models in the shoe organizer.
Alternatively, our pull -out shoe boxes offer even more vertical storage space. These can be stacked comfortably on top of each other. The transparent front shows which one is in it.

Exquisite lingerie

BringOrder In the laundry chaos. Our storage boxes for underwear create the perspective. Small laundry pieces cuddle sorted and at hand in small compartments. Choose this to your needs.

It is better labeled. For moreOrder "At first glance" choose our set individually descriptive label holder with clip, even roommates benefit from it. Thanks to the clip, the label holders can be attached to a wide variety of containers and effortlessly removed if desired.

Commuting pants legs

Some chic leg dresses with ironing folds prefer to hang and some of their owners like to keep an overview of the choice of pants. To do this, just hang our multiple pants on the clothes rail. They are ideally suited for ironing lines, scarves and ties. The space -saving suspension ensures more storage space in thewardrobe.

For moreOrder On shelf boards, you can quickly assemble our transparent cabinet parts. The clothing remains stacked in the gaps. Nothing slips away cleanly. They also aesthetically fix the towels or in the office in the bathroom.

Our belt and tie holders rows your favorites visible and at hand. This does not create chaos in drawers. Hanging favorite scarves remain fold and knot-free. This is gentle on the material and time.

With practical tools, the reorganization of home andwardrobe much joy. This is how you make optimal use of the offered storage space.Order in thewardrobe Saves time in the morning and offers an aesthetic picture when opening.

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