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by Michèle Borer 28 Feb 2024

Your closet is the central place where you keep your fashion favorites, everyday basics and special outfits for special occasions. It is the centerpiece of your daily looks. But if it's untidy and cluttered, it can quickly lead to frustration instead of a desire to get dressed. Keeping your closet tidy not only makes it much easier to start your day, but can also significantly boost your self-confidence. Organizing your closet affects how quickly and stress-free your morning goes, how easily you put outfits together and even how you feel in your clothes. A closet organization system not only saves time and increases your well-being, but also gives you an overview of your clothes and your personal style.

How do you organize your closet, what are the benefits of structure in your wardrobe and which closet organizers really help you in everyday life? In this article, we look at these exciting questions about organizing your closet.

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Why is tidiness in the closet so beneficial?

Keeping your closet tidy is important for a number of reasons and not just for the benefit of a tidy appearance. Tidying up your closet allows you to put your outfits together more quickly and efficiently. This saves you stress in the morning and prevents you from wasting valuable time searching for a particular item of clothing. You also get a better overview of your closet with a well-organized closet. This often leads to you rediscovering forgotten treasures and combining existing clothes in more varied ways.

At the same time, by organizing your closet, you can see which items you no longer need and can sort them out. This creates space and helps to avoid unnecessary new purchases. Another positive aspect of keeping your closet tidy is the longevity of your clothes. If they are no longer crumpled in the wardrobe, they will last longer and look better. In short, an organized closet not only promotes your speed and creativity when choosing outfits, but also supports a more conscious and sustainable use of your clothes.

How to organize a closet?

After all the benefits of keeping your closet tidy, you probably want to know the best way to organize your closet. In this section, we reveal our best tricks for doing just that.

  1. Sort out

The first step in bringing order to your closet is to sort things out. Over the years, you often accumulate a lot of clothes that you no longer wear. Pick up each item and think critically about whether it still suits your current style and whether you have worn it in the last time or season. Sell, donate or recycle clothes that you haven't worn for more than a year or that no longer fit. Sorting out your closet not only frees your wardrobe from superfluous items, but also gives you a liberating feeling.

  1. Categorize

Dividing your clothes into different categories to organize your closet creates structure. Whether by clothing type such as pants, shirts and sweaters or by occasions such as everyday life, work and special events - find a closet organization system that works best for you. If everything has its fixed place, you can intuitively reach for the right item of clothing at any time.

  1. Use the same hangers

An often underestimated tip for keeping your closet tidy is to use identical hangers. Choosing identical, slim hangers not only enhances the look of your closet, but also actually creates more space between items of clothing. Non-slip hangers in particular ensure that delicate items can be hung up safely.

  1. Vertical folding

Even the way you fold your clothes can make a big difference when it comes to organizing your closet. Vertical folding, also known from Marie Kondo's KonMari method, provides a better overview of all items of clothing within a drawer or box. This prevents items of clothing from constantly ending up at the bottom of the pile and being forgotten when organizing your closet.

  1. Seasonal rotation

The closet can quickly become cluttered, especially with the different seasons. After all, you want to be well prepared for all weather conditions. And you should be! To keep your closet organized, one sensible strategy is seasonal rotation. Store winter clothes in summer and vice versa. Use special storage baskets or vacuum bags that you can store under the bed or in the loft. This leaves more space in the main area of the wardrobe for the wardrobe you currently need.

  1. Keep accessories organized

It's not just items of clothing that can disorganize your closet. Accessories such as scarves, belts and hats are also culprits for chase. Special storage solutions, such as scarf holders or jewelry boxes, are the right choice in this case. Whether rings, brooches, necklaces, earrings, watches or bracelets, in the TRAVEL jewelry box jewelry box fits everything you need to keep your closet tidy and you are already prepared for your next trip. By giving each accessory a fixed place, you not only extend the life of your jewelry, but also ensure that you can always find it when you need it.

Bonus tip for keeping your closet tidy in the long term: set yourself a fixed date every few months - ideally at the beginning of each season - to go through your closet. Take a critical look at each item of clothing and ask yourself the question: "Have I worn this in the last 6 to 12 months?" If the answer is 'no', think about whether it really deserves a place in your closet. Clearing out your wardrobe will not only make things more organized, but also give you the opportunity to check the condition of your clothes and replace them if necessary.

This method also helps you to develop an awareness of your own clothing style and needs. In the long run, this not only saves space, but also money, as you avoid bad purchases. After clearing out, you can donate, sell or recycle items of clothing - this way you are doing something good for the environment and for people in need at the same time.

The secret to keeping your closet tidy in the long term lies in regularity and mindfulness.

Which closet organizers to use?

The right organizing aids play a central role in keeping your closet tidy. They make it easier for you to tidy up and to manage things later on. Which ones will help you?

Tie rack

A must-have for the modern gentleman. Ties are often difficult to store as they crease or get tangled easily. A tie rack for keeping your closet tidy prevents this by ensuring clear separation and easy access. So you can start the morning without stress and with the perfectly selected tie. Here you will find the iDesign AXIS tie and belt holder with space for up to 14 belts or ties, which you can store in your closet in a space-saving and well-organized way.

CLASSICO - Tie and belt holder

Scarf holder

Your scarves and shawls undoubtedly deserve your special attention when it comes to organizing your closet. With a scarf holder, you can keep an overview of your collection and keep every single scarf in pristine condition. This not only saves time, but also protects the delicate fabrics. We recommend the iDesign CLASSICO scarf and shawl holder with 8 different sized openings. This allows you to store different scarves and shawls in your closet in a space-saving and well-organized way.

Drawer divider

Small items of clothing can quickly disorganize your closet. They are better stored in drawers. A drawer organizer keeps things organized and helps you to store socks, underwear and accessories separately. You can find what you're looking for at a glance and save valuable time in the morning. Our shelf divider is used wherever an additional subdivision creates real added value. One advantage is that the wardrobe dividers are easy to assemble thanks to their practical design.

Drawer divider WHITE

Boxes and baskets

Storage boxes and baskets are extremely useful for organizing seasonal clothing in the closet and are even suitable for larger items of clothing. They are ideal for sweaters or heavy winter clothing. The iDesign underbed storage box fits directly under your bed or in your wardrobe for items that are not used often. The transparent lid creates maximum transparency. Smaller versions, on the other hand, can be used to store and organize socks and underwear.

The investment in well thought-out storage systems for more order in your closet is worthwhile in the short term, but especially in the long term. You will quickly notice how much easier and more pleasant it is to get dressed in the morning and how much better your clothes look and feel in a well-organized closet. This is exactly what our high-quality range stands for. Take a look around right now for your new closet organization.

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