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by Michèle Borer 02 Apr 2024

Not all drawers are the same. Whether flat, high, wide or narrow, with these tips and a few tried-and-tested organizing aids, you can easily keep your drawers tidy. Tidy up every drawer.

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Procedure for keeping drawers tidy

Fortunately, there are simple and effective strategies for keeping your drawers tidy and ensuring they are always neat and functional. By learning to keep track of the contents of our drawers, categorize them sensibly, sort them out consistently and organize them with the help of drawer organizers we can not only make optimum use of the available space, but also make our everyday lives much easier. Follow these steps to keep your drawers tidy.

Step 1: Inventory

The first step to a tidy drawer is to take stock: what exactly is stored in this drawer? If you don't determine what belongs in the drawer, it can quickly become a dumping ground for all sorts of things and chaos is inevitable. Is it time for a clear-out to get rid of unnecessary things? As soon as you have a clear overview, our helpers for keeping your drawers tidy come into play.

Step 2: Get an overview

To bring order to your drawers and keep them tidy in the long term, start by getting a comprehensive overview. To do this, spread out everything in the drawer in front of you so that it is clearly visible. This step helps you to grasp the actual contents and create a basis for the next phase: categorizing. This involves grouping similar items together that fulfill the same purpose. This creates clear categories that make it easier to find the items later.

Step 3: Sorting out

The next step is to sort out. Check each item critically: what is no longer needed, what is duplicated, damaged or perhaps doesn't belong in this drawer at all? This selection is crucial in order to only keep what is really useful and necessary.

Step 4: Classify

Once you have reduced the contents of your drawer and divided them into categories, it's time to create a well-thought-out layout and organize everything. This is where organizing aids come into play, creating a clear distinction between the different categories. With the right selection of organizers for every drawer size and shape, each item will have its designated place. This can range from simple dividers and special inserts for cutlery or jewelry to modular systems that can be flexibly adapted.

For order in every drawer

Whether wide, narrow, deep or shallow - there is a suitable solution for every type of drawer, helping to keep the drawer tidy and its contents clearly organized and accessible.

Wide drawers

The simplest solution for a wide drawer is one or two extendable drawer inserts. Our extendable inserts from Yamazaki for drawers come in various designs and colors and can be put together individually. 

Narrow drawers

If drawers are narrow, we recommend limiting them to a single category, such as tea towels or wooden spoons. Our BAMBUS and LINUS drawer dividers are the perfect helpers here. They take up little space and create quick and easy categories to keep drawers tidy.

Deep drawers

There are many deep and wide drawers, especially in the kitchen. These are perfect for cookware and baking dishes, but are usually too big for other items. Our tip? Divide and structure. Our large WOOD, WHITE and LINUS drawer dividers and BINZ extra-long storage containers are perfect for this and bring structure and order to even the most chaotic Tupperware drawers.

Flat drawers

We describe a drawer as flat if it is less than 8 cm high. We find these drawers everywhere, often in desks but also in the kitchen and bathroom. Drawer inserts are a real game changer here. They are not particularly high and the different inserts can be customized in size and shape to suit the drawer and category. Our favorites here are CLARITY, LINUS and WHITE.

All the extras for ideal organization in your drawers

The right drawer organizers can make all the difference by ensuring clarity, accessibility and efficient use of the available space. From flexible drawer inserts and customized drawer dividers to special containers for every need - the selection is wide and offers the right solution for every drawer and every purpose.

Tip: With our starter sets you get a multi-part set with which you can take the first step towards an ideal organization of your drawers.

Flexible drawer inserts that can be expanded or contracted are ideal for making optimum use of wide drawers. They adapt to the size of the drawer and provide separate compartments for a variety of items. Narrow drawers benefit from special divider systems that allow clear separation between different categories without wasting valuable space.

By choosing the right divider for each drawer storage system for each drawer, you can maximize the available storage space and keep the drawer tidy at the same time.

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