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Mehl, Zucker, Nudeln, Reis – in jeder Küche fallen im Laufe der Zeit zahlreiche Trockenprodukte an, die unschön und darüber hinaus noch mit Qualitätseinbussen in Ihren ursprünglichen Verpackungen gelagert werden. Schnell verliert man so den Überblick. Aber keine Sorge, wir haben die Lösung für Dich. Unsere smarten Vorratsdosen sorgen im Handumdrehen wieder für Ordnung in Schränken, Schubladen oder Vorratsräumen. Bei der grossen Auswahl an modernen und stilvollen Vorratsdosen in unserem BINS AND BOXES Online-Shop ist für jeden Geschmack garantiert das Richtige dabei. Lass Dich von unseren raffinierten Vorratsbehältern mit Deckel überraschen und überzeuge Dich selbst, wenn Design auf maximale Funktionalität trifft. Alle Vorratsdosen für Deine Küche sind in unterschiedlichen Grössen erhältlich, lassen sich stapeln und damit platzsparend lagern.

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Food storage containers - design meets clever storage

Flour, sugar, pasta, rice - in every kitchen, numerous dry products accumulate over the course of time, which are stored in their original packaging in an unsightly manner and, moreover, with a loss of quality. It's easy to lose track of everything. But don't worry, we have the solution for you. Our smart storage tins will bring order back to your cupboards, drawers or pantries in no time at all. With the large selection of modern and stylish storage containers in our BINS AND BOXES online store, there is guaranteed to be the right thing for every taste. Let yourself be surprised by our refined storage containers with lids and see for yourself when design meets maximum functionality. All storage containers for your kitchen are available in different sizes, can be stacked and thus stored space-saving.

Discover the versatile uses of your new everyday helpers, because not only in the kitchen give our storage boxes a good figure. You want a tidy study or are looking for chic containers for the equipment of your hobby? It's easy for the stable, robust and durable storage tins. The all-rounders present themselves with plenty of storage space inside and also bring a timeless look. The transparent body of the storage containers is optionally accompanied by a white, black or bamboo lid. Decide for yourself which design the intelligent space wonders should bring to fit harmoniously into your interior. There are no limits to your creativity with our storage containers.

We from BINS AND BOXES invite you to browse. You can order all storage boxes and other products conveniently online. Rely on the highest quality, comprehensive functionality and sophisticated designs. We love the orderly life. And that's exactly what we want to support you with. Make your life easy. With storage boxes you conquer your kitchen back with structure.

The advantages of well thought-out storage boxes

A pinch of sugar, some flour, 50 g of ground nuts and finally a teaspoon of baking powder. Anyone who whips up little treats in the kitchen knows the challenges of storing leftover ingredients wisely. As a family, you like to get together to feast on spaghetti, but where to put the uncooked pasta? And then there's the cereal in the morning, which has to be ready in a flash. The answer to all these questions is simple, straightforward and incredibly practical: storage containers. Storage containers in various sizes offer the right place for baking ingredients, pasta, muesli and co. Thanks to the lid, which seals airtight, the contents remain fresh, aromatic and well protected from any environmental influences. This not only ensures a better taste, but also a long life. Browse through our online store and find the matching storage boxes for you.

Our storage boxes with lids are cleverly stackable, allow an immediate view of the inside through the transparent design and can be expanded at any time. In addition to a high-quality plastic, which comes with a remarkable processing, we carry at BINS AND BOXES a series of storage jars kitchen made of glass with a lid made of bamboo. A combination that can be seen.

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Clear your kitchen and make room for new things - our storage tins are your new favorites in drawers, shelves and cabinets. That's a promise! Order your selection now until 12 o'clock and we will ensure the shipment with our logistics partner Swiss Post on the same working day. And that in the economy rate from an order value over CHF 50 free shipping. Your storage can't wait any longer? We also ship your storage containers via Priority Rate with guaranteed next-day delivery. You will also find different payment options.

If you have any questions about our storage containers, our storage professionals will be happy to help you. Contact us right away. We are looking forward to helping you with your selection. To make your decision a little easier, we have compiled for you our Bestsellers for you. Because for us, order only begins with storage containers.