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by Michèle Borer 23 Oct 2023

Soon it will come and we all ask ourselves again: What do we put under the fir tree this year? If you want to start the contemplative time without stress this Christmas and enjoy the cozy Advent mood relaxed, we have just the thing for you: our Christmas gift ideas. What can you expect from us? Above all, a lot of creative gifts that are shown by their functional and modern side.

Let yourself be inspired by our practical Christmas gifts ideas that ensure order and organization and make the everyday life of the recipient much easier. In addition, useful gifts offer the advantage that you have a longer lifespan because you are constantly used and meet a permanent purpose. Sounds sustainable? It is! With our Christmas gifts ideas, well-being is the focus-and not just for Christmas.

Who are useful Christmas gift ideas for?

Practical Christmas presents that provide order are of course not only intended for order lovers. People with whom the household runs by the way also benefit from functional gifts because they save time and make cleaning up more effortlessly.

Anyone who has freshly moved into a new apartment or a new house is often faced with the challenge of taking advantage of the existing space as best as possible. Ordinary assistants are a great gift here to ensure space quickly and efficiently and take care of a well thought -out organization. Your favorite person works mainly in the home office?

Here our Christmas gifts ideas with clever storage systems can increase productivity, structure the workplace and avoid distractions.

For families with children, it sometimes goes haywire. In this case, smart Christmas presents ideas help to structure family life and reduce chaos a bit every day.

Wool, handicraft utensils or color boxes - if you maintain a hobby, you need a lot of space for your equipment. Effective storage solutions as Christmas gifts ideas are just the right thing for hobbyists to give their passion a tidy framework. These are certainly just a few examples to which useful gifts offer real added value and are undoubtedly a welcome change from conventional gifts.

People who seem to have everything: practical gifts offer a value that goes beyond mere have and are therefore often a welcome alternative.

Our best Christmas gifts ideas for every room

Below we collected our best Christmas gifts ideas for you and present clever solutions for every room that would certainly also like Santa Claus.

For the office

Drawer organizer are ideal for keeping everyone tidy tidy. With variable divisions, pens, notes, office clips and other small parts can find space efficiently and are never distributed again on the work surface.

Anyone who works with a variety of electronic devices knows the cable salad, which cannot be mastered without suitable aids. Practical cable organizers, often made of silicone or plastic, help tame cables and prevent nodes and mess.

Magnetic whiteboards and pin boards are not only a great choice as Christmas gifts ideas, but equally for quick notes, memories or spinning important documents. So the recipient keeps in the home office or Office Always the overview. At Storage boxes Or even file folders, label holder and individual labeling ensure that the right papers quickly find. Look for this Christmas gift idea in our range for stickers, labels and labels.


For the kitchen

A classic and at the same time a great Christmas gift idea Spice storage. Whether spice glasses, to which you can find the right labels with us directly, a pull -out spice shelf or a rotatable spice stand, who is structured their spices in a structured manner, keep the overview and fun when cooking.

Likewise are Storage boxes for the kitchen An excellent Christmas gift idea. In the transparent models, many foods can be kept airtight and thus remain durable without losing aroma. Ideal as a Christmas gift idea for everyone who is founding a new household are ours Starter setthat contain different sizes of the boxes.

For the bedroom

In the bedroom we come to rest in the evening and enjoy a relaxing sleep. A tidy environment undoubtedly also contributes to this. Christmas gifts ideas such as under bedding or tie and belt holders take care of Wardrobe For efficient order and ensure that every grip for the right clothes sits on the morning, so early.

Also Jewelry Like jewelry boxes or jewelry boxes, a good figure on the bedroom table as well as under the Christmas tree. Especially since these Christmas gifts ideas also make a lot.

For the bathroom

Where, if not in our own bathroom, we should treat ourselves to an extensive wellness day and feel completely comfortable. In order for this to succeed, order systems that are particularly suitable for the home spa are excellent Christmas gifts ideas. Think of Storage boxes in the bathroom From rattan, in which lipsticks, brushes and Co. find their place and facilitate the morning make-up routine, or models made of metal for towels, so that even a little hotel mood arises.

For cupboards in the bathroom, drawer inserts are particularly efficient so that everything in them retains its structure. Towels with several bars are also indispensable to dry the terry fabric after showering.

Christmas gifts ideas at bins and boxes shop

Whether for families, singles, a lot of workers or regulatory fans, our Christmas presents ideas are certainly there for everyone. With us you can discover them directly in the online shop and order them immediately. From a value of CHF 50, shipping with the economy tariff is free of charge. And should it be scarce before Christmas, use our priority tariff with a guaranteed delivery on the next working day via Swiss Post. We also have different payment options such as buying on account for you and have extended our right of return to 20 days. Even if you are unsure about the Christmas gifts, you do not take any risk from us.

If you have any questions or you need more Christmas gifts ideas, please contact us via WhatsApp or email. We would be happy to advise you personally!


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