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by Dominik Wensauer 21 Aug 2021

The fridge is the heart of your kitchen. This is where you store your food and preserve its freshness and quality. But how many times have you opened the fridge door and not found the butter or your favorite cheese among the containers, packaging and half-used food? Caught out? Just the right time to organize your fridge.

Smart fridge organization not only ensures optimal use of the available space, but also preserves food quality. Good fridge organization makes your everyday life easier by giving you quick access to what you need at any given time and helps you stay organized. In addition, a well thought-out and organized fridge helps to minimize food waste and even save energy costs. Once you have recognized the benefits of sensible fridge organization, you will see the daily handling of food in a whole new light.

In the following article, you can find out how to organize your fridge and why this is particularly important for hygiene.

Fridge organizer

What is the advantage of a well-organized fridge?

Organizing your fridge has a number of unmistakable advantages that you will quickly learn to appreciate. First of all, fridge organization helps you to keep track of your food. If everything has its fixed place, you can find what you're looking for without having to make any detours and avoid time-consuming searches. Cold cuts, butter, salads and cucumber for snacks - everything is at your fingertips. What many people underestimate is that you can also reduce your energy consumption by opening the fridge door less and for shorter periods of time.

A well thought-out fridge organization can also extend the shelf life of your food. For example, if you store perishable products in the coldest part of the fridge, they will stay fresher for longer. Another plus point is the reduction of food waste. If you sort your fridge regularly, you can see straight away which products should be used up soon and can make use of them. Organizing your fridge also helps prevent raw and cooked food from having a negative impact on each other, as you can store them separately. Finally, organizing your fridge makes you feel good because you are also paying attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

How important is fridge organization for hygiene?

By organizing your fridge, you reduce the risk of cross-contamination, where pathogens can be transferred from one food to another. Raw foods in particular, such as meat or fish, contain bacteria that can lead to health problems if they come into contact with other foods.

A clear structure by organizing the fridge also makes regular cleaning easier. You will be able to spot spilled liquids or fallen food immediately and remove them before they cause mold or unpleasant odors. Correct storage also ensures that food stays fresh and edible for longer. The colder areas in the fridge, usually the lower shelves, are particularly suitable for perishable goods, while other areas are better suited to longer-lasting products.

How to organize a fridge - 5 tips with added value

Enough theory about organizing your fridge. Below we have put together our 5 best tips to help you organize your fridge effortlessly.

  1. Create zones for different foods

By arranging your food in zones in your fridge, you take food safety to a new level. For example, if you store dairy products, meat and fish or vegetables and fruit in a fixed area, you significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Each zone in a fridge has specific temperature and humidity conditions that are optimal for the food in question. By organizing and dividing your fridge, you not only optimize the shelf life of the food, but also make it easier for you to find and remove it quickly.

  1. Use of containers and boxes

Probably one of the most essential tips when organizing your fridge: Work with clear containers and boxes. You should always remove cold cuts or different types of cheese from their packaging and put them in a storage box into a storage box. This keeps them fresh for longer and extends their shelf life. What's more, thanks to the transparency, you always know where you store which food, can see when it has expired and only need a few simple steps to clean it. The iDesign MINI fridge set with five different storage compartments is ideal for organizing your fridge. storage boxes for kitchensthat can even be stacked. They are perfect for single people or those starting their own household. An alternative for organizing the fridge are the iDesign FRESH KLAR food storage containers in various sizes. Here, the shelf life of the food is extended with a draining grid and an integrated ventilation valve. Just a few examples of how to organize your fridge that you can discover here.

CRISP - KLAR food storage box

  1. Temperature zones in the fridge

A refrigerator does not cool in the same way everywhere. As a rule, the lower compartments are colder than the upper ones. By knowing the temperature zones, you can position your food strategically and organize your fridge sensibly. Meat and fish are well placed in the coldest areas, while drinks or butter should be stored in warmer zones. This targeted use of temperature zones leads to longer freshness and less spoilage.

  1. Ensure maximum visibility

When food is buried deep in the fridge, it is often forgotten and spoils. By regularly rearranging your food when organizing your fridge and moving older products to the front, you reduce the likelihood of forgetting something. Using transparent boxes or storage baskets you also get a better overview.

  1. Labeling food

Clear labelling is worth its weight in gold when organizing your fridge, especially for food that you pack yourself or for leftovers. Simple labels on which you note the date and contents help you to distinguish fresh food from food that is a little older. What's more, they look really smart.

Let's get the fridge organized! Our tips will show you that it doesn't have to be difficult. Let us inspire you and take a look at our online store for clever and stylish storage systems over!

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