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by Michèle Borer 15 Jun 2023

Over the years, a lot of jewelry accumulates. Among them are small treasures made of silver or gold, real favorites and maybe even valuable heirlooms. While in everyday life we often fall back on the tried and tested, for a special occasion it may be something special. If you want your jewelry to be carefully organized and cared for at all times, it is important to store it properly.

But how can you store your jewelry in a practical and safe way, what should you pay attention to when using special materials and why should you never stack your jewelry? These are precisely the questions about jewelry storage that our experts answer for Storage systems in the following article. Let us inspire you!

The start: before jewelry storage, create order

Do you know this: You stand in front of the mirror in the morning and just want to quickly complement your outfit with a matching necklace, but the jumble of necklaces that have gathered into a single ball makes you despair? Or you're looking for that one, beautiful brooch, but instead find just tons of loose earrings? Before you can worry about storage, it's important to first get an overview of your jewelry collection, sort it and organize it.

Our tip: Make yourself a nice cup of coffee or an aromatic tea on the weekend and take some time to tidy up your jewelry. Anything you no longer wear, you can either sell, give away or dispose of. Pieces that are especially important to you but have damage can possibly be repaired by a goldsmith.

Ideally, you should sort the jewelry you want to keep into categories and group together necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. For earrings, it is important to sort them only in pairs. Once you're done, you can move on to storage.

How can I store jewelry in general?

Basically, a place that is as dark and cool as possible is best for storing jewelry. There are many metals in real jewelry that are very sensitive to light, oxygen and moisture. But costume jewelry also suffers from these environmental influences. It's a good thing that storing jewelry properly today is no longer witchcraft and that various storage solutions have been established for this purpose. So you can simply choose a storage solution that meets your requirements in terms of functionality, comfort and design.

This is how you can store jewelry:

Jewelry box

A jewelry box is the classic way to store jewelry and, as it were, the most sensible solution. There are several reasons for this. Such a jewelry box is specially made to store jewelry. It comes with velvet or fabric interior padding, has different inserts, compartments and drawers to keep different types of jewelry separate and has a well-closing lid.

Jewelry drawers

An alternative to the jewelry box is a jewelry drawer as a large compartment storage in your dresser. Here, too, you can store rings, bracelets or earrings in different compartments and also organize watches separately and space-saving. Look also at our Drawer organizers and find many possibilities to organize different drawers. These drawers are also very good as a Closet organizer.

Chain rack

Chain storage in the form of a chain stand is a good choice if you no longer want to fret about knotted chains. At the same time, with a so-called chain tree, on which you simply hang your necklaces on the provided hooks, the jewelry storage becomes a real eye-catcher. Of course, you can also organize your bracelets on it.

Jewelry rolls

Individual pieces of jewelry that you want to protect particularly well, find space in a jewelry roll. Especially necklaces and bracelets can be ideally stored in the soft fabric, without you having to fear a knot formation.

Store jewelry with BINS AND BOXES

As lovers of good order, we naturally support you in storing jewelry with our smart solutions, which also cut a really good figure visually. The jewelry box for example, provides plenty of storage space for all your favorite pieces, can be elegantly placed on the dressing table and is suitable as a drawer insert. No less than four different models with different sized dividers and fixtures are waiting for you.

A charming alternative for jewelry storage is the lockable jewelry box, which has three levels. This makes it easy to store jewelry neatly, clearly and safely. Removable dividers ensure maximum flexibility. Thanks to different colors, you're sure to find a variant that suits your good taste.

You like to travel, but don't want to do without your sparkling companions in even the most distant countries? No problem. In our TRAVEL jewelry box you can store your jewelry and take it with you wherever you go. The compact size saves a lot of space, so you are perfectly organized.

These and many other models for jewelry storage are waiting for you in our online store.

Our tip: Are you still looking for a gift idea? Our jewelry boxes and many other ideas you can also find in our store!


How can I store jewelry that is made of gold or silver?

Real jewelry has special requirements. What you need to consider, you will learn below.

Gold jewelry

Ideally, gold jewelry should be stored airtight and protected from light. Especially set gemstones should be protected from UV light to avoid possible discoloration.

Silver jewelry

The correct storage of silver jewelry is much more essential. The material tends to oxidize due to the sulfur in the air. It tarnishes, turns dark and loses its natural shine. Cleaning is much more time-consuming than if you take care of the correct storage of the jewelry in advance, which means: store it in a dark, air-impermeable and dry place.

Both gold and silver do not like high humidity. Jewelry should therefore be stored in the bedroom or another dry room at room temperature.

Tips for jewelry storage

Finally, we want to give you our best tips for jewelry storage, so that from now on nothing can go wrong with your perfect jewelry order guaranteed:

  • Always store jewelry individually and not stacked on top of each other.
  • Store different types of jewelry separately.
  • Always clean your jewelry well before putting it away.
  • Check regularly which jewelry you really still wear and sort it out regularly.
  • Buy new jewelry consciously.
  • Rather invest in a few, but high-quality pieces of jewelry, than in mass fashion jewelry.
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