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by Michèle Borer 15 Jun 2023

Efficient work is more important today than ever before, because we all know that in the course of digitalization, many things simply turn faster. One of the basics for keeping up and at the same time meeting the demands of the working world 4.0 more confidently is effective office organization. Tidying up the office for more productivity? You bet! We know from experience that consistent office organization is the key to a stress-free, fulfilling, meaningful and successful workday.

But how do you really organize your office? In the following, we'll give you 5 tips for office tidying that will ensure order and structure. Guaranteed simple.

Tidy up the office and organize it properly

Office organization means that you manage all your work processes so that you can work in a structured, focused and results-oriented manner. A core element of office organization is tidying up the office. Only if everything has its place, you can coordinate appointments, tasks and processes optimally, save time as well as nerves, are faster and also with a lot of joy at work.

Why tidy up the office?

We have already mentioned some important points that speak for office organization: You save time and work more effectively. At the same time, a tidy office reduces your stress level and increases your well-being. Would you have guessed that on average, employees spend more than 1.5 hours of their working time looking for documents or work utensils? With an office organization you can reduce this time to almost 0%. Especially if you are self-employed, a professional office organization can positively influence your profitability. As an employee, you will quickly stand out with an efficient way of working and even qualify for a higher position in the company. Furthermore, you minimize mistakes at work and additionally relieve your colleagues.

In addition to the order of the workplace, office organization also includes:

  • Filing documents
  • Archiving documents
  • Use of software for structured processes
  • Communication between employees

5 tidying tips for your office

Let's go! Once you have an office organization in place, it will support you in your daily workflows and ensure that you can go home much more relaxed every day. To tidy up your office, simply use our 5 tips below.

Tip 1: Clever filing systems and storage for perfect office organization

Smart little helpers, such as Desk organizerdrawer inserts, suspension files and drawer boxes. These provide space for documents, work utensils such as staplers and hole punchers as well as small items. So you have through your drawer organizer you always have everything at hand and still keep your workspace clearly structured, clear and reduced. A mobile pedestal, which you can add to your desk at any time, also provides more storage space for office organization.

When tidying up your office, make sure that you create a system that really supports your personal workflows and that you structure your filing so that you know immediately where to find something. An optimal office organization is the one that suits you best. Ideal for this are document trays, which you can stack conveniently and also label individually.

Extra tip: In our online store you will find a large selection of high-quality helpers for your order in the office.

Tip 2: Restore office organization before closing time

During a working day, many things are left on the desk or lying around. So that you are motivated to tackle new tasks the next day, tidy up your office before you leave work. Put all materials back in their place, file away all documents in folders and sort documents into the hanging file. On Friday, expand your office cleanup by also wiping down your desk top, vacuuming crumbs from your desk chair, and cleaning your technology. In this way, you ensure effective office organization in the long term.

Tip 3: Give your workplace a motivating feel-good ambience

Although decoration should only play a subordinate role in effective office organization, since figures, pictures and the like are usually distracting, one or two selected objects in addition to the rather unpretentious Storage boxes for the office contribute to the well-being. Classics here are plants or pictures of loved ones. A good office organization manages the balancing act between personal and professional. Make sure, especially in the home office, that work and leisure time do not mix. Work is done at the workplace, not streaming the latest Netflix series or playing the latest It-game.

Tip 4: Use smart methods for office organization

Office organization has a lot to do with time management. If you create a fixed daily or weekly schedule for yourself, immediately file away documents whose processing is done, and set tasks from "To-do" to "Done," your way of working will become much more structured. You can use techniques such as the ALPEN method or the Eisenhower matrix to organize your time in the office.

Tip 5: Use a DMS for office organization

Many companies are on their way to a paperless office. This is a good thing, because piles of documents not only take up space and give the impression of never being finished - they also place a considerable burden on the environment. A document management system, or DMS for short, helps you to reduce the flood of paper step by step, to digitize workflows and at the same time creates a central workspace for the entire workforce, which in turn facilitates collaboration and communication. A CRM system can also be used in office organization for collaborative work.

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