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by Michèle Borer 17 May 2023

You spend a large part of your day at your workplace. The desk is the hub of your work, both in the office and in the home office. To ensure that all workflows are effortless, you should invest some time in organizing your desk. Tidying up your desk has several advantages. On the one hand, you get a clear overview, can increase your productivity, are more motivated and much more relaxed.

Organizing your desk - not always easy, but with our following tips, it's guaranteed to be a little easier. We tell you how to tidy up and organize your desk and how to keep your workplace tidy in the long run.

Organize your desk ideas - why is it so important?

Eight hours of regular working time plus overtime or a few hours more if you're self-employed - we all spend most of the day at our desks. If there is pure chaos on the desk, i.e. notes fluttering around everywhere, last week's coffee cup standing next to a row of colorful decorative figurines, a picture of the family and a lush plant, and unsorted documents piled up in another corner, it is almost impossible to work effectively. If you don't think about cleaning up now, you have a big problem, because you can hardly find anything in such a mess, and if you do, it takes a lot of effort. In addition, the well-being quickly decreases in such an ambience.

Organizing your desk means creating a certain amount of order in order to reduce stress, work efficiently, be more motivated and feel good all around.

Tidy up your desk - Our ideas for your tidy workplace

Organizing a desk is not that hard with the right ideas. The first and perhaps most important principle when organizing your desk: Separate work and leisure from each other. Work is done at the desk, not gambling, streaming or playing games. This way, you reduce the potential for distraction and are much more focused. If you have to share a desk with other family members at home, a space-saving desk organizer can help. Desk organizer for more order.

To be able to tidy up even large table areas of a desk efficiently, our following advice will support you. Of course, 100% tried and tested for desk organizing.

Organize your desk with smart filing systems

Despite digitalization and the path to a paperless office, the amount of paper is still considerable. Storage boxes for the office or plain folders are certainly a solution for organizing documents, but hanging files prove to be much more efficient. You can store them in a space-saving way and always have all important documents in A4 format within easy reach. Right from the start, make sure you choose a sorting structure that best suits your working habits.

Organize your desk with pen and drawer organizers

Pens, notepads, paperclips, staplers, hole punches - necessary office equipment that needs to be well stored. On the one hand, this can be achieved in a desk organizer with, for example, seven compartments, which finds space on the desk and a Drawer organizerwhich is located in your drawers for desk organization and creates additional space for all kinds of odds and ends. So you have the most important things immediately ready and the rest does not burden the workplace.

Organize your desk with a roll container

Too little storage space? A mobile pedestal is the perfect buddy for organizing your desk. The small space miracle creates additional storage space for you and holds enough volume for documents, office supplies, etc. in the interior. This way, only what you really need remains on your desk after tidying up. Important: Stay consistent, which the next tip suggests once again.

Organizing your desk means reducing

Even if you're into fancy decorations, love the vintage look, or thrive on Scandi style, when it comes to organizing your desk, the key is to reduce: Less is more. You should only place masses of decoration on your desk, if at all. In the long run, they will be a major distraction and reduce your attention span. One or two simple decorative items are fine when organizing your desk.

Organize your desk for the long term

As you can see, just a few tricks will help you organize your desk. To keep it that way, you should clean up, sort away and "clear the air" before you leave work. Sort all documents into the hanging file, put staplers and hole punches back into the drawer organizer and put away everything you used during the day, like coffee cups and plates.

Our little helper for desk tidying and organizing

We not only give you the best ideas for organizing your desk, but also offer you the right selection of smart office companions, such as the BIRGER drawer box, where all loose papers, flyers and brochures, magazines and co. can be stored. In addition, the desk organizer ELISA with seven compartments for pens, notebooks, envelopes and even your smartphone joins the desk organizing. Of course, you will also discover the classic desk organizer, such as folders in a sophisticated design. Browse through the best yourself all products. Have fun and enjoy organizing your desk!

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