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by Leonie Schmid 17 May 2021

It is probably one of the most tiresome topics for many families in their own four walls: the tidiness in the children's room. Do you also regularly have craft items, cuddly toys, dolls, cars and the like flying around and scattered throughout your child's room? Don't worry, you're not alone. Tidying up the children's room causes a high level of stress in almost all families when it looks like a bomb has hit it.

It's perfectly normal for there to be 'mess' and 'chaos' when playing. After all, your child should give free rein to their creativity and imagination. But afterwards, there needs to be order in the children's room again. In the following article, you can find out how you can do this at home from now on, how you can motivate your child to tidy up and why smart storage ideas are an excellent idea in the children's room.

Children's room tidy

How to motivate children to tidy up their room?

Do you long for a tidy children's room and are looking for effective solutions to motivate your child to do so? An important point to bear in mind at the beginning: children don't even know what tidiness in the nursery means at first. Chaos and the like don't bother them while playing, afterwards or at all. In other words, the phrase "Tidy up your room!" is simply too much for the little ones.

In order to create and motivate a basic understanding of tidiness in the children's room, you should closely supervise this first step. From the age of around 2 years, start tidying up together in a playful way and make it a routine. Tidying up should become a part of daily life that is above all fun. Don't forget that children also learn by imitation and that you act as a role model.

When your child starts school or from the age of 6, you can gradually encourage them to tidy up their room independently. Start by giving your schoolchild smaller tasks to keep their room tidy on their own. This could be putting away the painting materials after painting time or sorting the cuddly toys. Gradually, they will take on more tasks independently. Keep a close eye on your child's reactions in order to avoid overtaxing them.

These tips are worth their weight in gold to encourage long-term motivation and make tidiness in the children's room a beautiful thing:

  • Praise your child every time they have successfully mastered a tidying task in the children's room. Positive reinforcement is one of the greatest motivators. A small reward in the form of something "material", on the other hand, should not become a habit. However, you can introduce a reward system in which these provide a motivating surprise from time to time.
  • Why should only playing before tidying up the children's room be fun? Why not make tidying your child's room fun by playing a game? How about a competition? Who can organize the crayons by color faster in the Storage boxes in the children's room sorted by color? Or build a story around tidying up the children's room.
  • Clear structures form the basis for tidiness in the children's room. Ideally, tidying up should have a fixed place in the daily routine. It's important that your child is neither tired nor hungry or in the middle of a game. A time that is often recommended is shortly after playing or after dinner. Once a time has been chosen, it remains constant. Tidying up the children's room becomes as routine as brushing their teeth and discussions don't even arise.

3 tips for long-term tidiness in the children's room

Tidying up the children's room once is great. Long-term tidiness in the children's room is even better! But how can tidying up the children's room never become a stress factor again in the long term?

1. less is more
The choice of toys is enormous. So there's a lot in the children's room and yet boredom often reigns. Does this sound familiar? Too many toys can quickly lead to overload and your child loses concentration. In order to keep the children's room tidy in the long term, regular sorting out and conscious buying is essential.

Tip: Find some toys together, put them in a box first and store them in a place where your child cannot access them. If they don't miss the items in the next 2 weeks, you can safely give them away, donate them or sell them.

2. a little bit every day
Tidiness in the children's room that lasts is possible if tidying up is not just done once a week, but a little every day. As already mentioned in the "Motivation" section, a daily ritual establishes a habit. And then, in no time at all, your child will be tidying up the nursery on their own.

3. set up zones
By knowing exactly where things belong, your child will find it easier to keep their room tidy at all times. To do this, set up a learning zone, a play zone and a quiet zone. These should be clearly and visibly separated from each other. Partition walls or bookshelves, a cozy corner with cushions and a colorful puzzle mat that also protects the floor are helpful.

Children's room storage: Ideas for long-term tidiness

In addition to the division of zones, the following have proven to be useful for permanent organization in the children's room Storage systems have proven their worth. In principle, storage space is the basic requirement for a tidy children's room. As everything has a fixed place, your child will also find it easier to tidy up their room. Great children's room storage ideas include transparent storage boxes in various sizes, which are particularly robust and stable. With a lid, they also protect Lego bricks, dolls and the like from dust and the like. Design matching stickers, labels or tags together. This is not only fun, but also promotes order in the children's room.

Storage box TIERMOTIV

In storage baskets provide a safe "cave" for stuffed animals and keep them close at hand. You can store clothes such as socks in drawer organizers while seasonal wardrobe items such as hats or swimwear can be stored in under-bed drawers.

You can find even more smart children's room storage ideas for keeping your child's room tidy directly in our online store.

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