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by Michèle Borer 21 Nov 2022

If you ever need something with large and small storage tins will never want to do without this convenience again. A storage tin filled with ingredients is a real eye-catcher! Our decorative large and small storage containers are versatile and a must-have for a radiant kitchen. They save valuable space, protect food from pests, preserve it for longer and make household organization easier. So you can easily keep track of everything!

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From kitchen chaos to organization pro thanks to large and small storage containers!

Would you like to decorate your muesli varieties attractively on the kitchen shelf or put an end to the chaos in your kitchen drawer? With one or two large and small storage containers, you can do this in no time at all. Our practical everyday helpers are made of transparent plastic and glass, making them ideal for cupboards, shelves or the fridge.

By using storage containers in different sizes and shapes, you can not only keep your kitchen tidy, but also keep your food fresh for longer. Our storage containers are equipped with airtight lids that prevent air and moisture from penetrating and at the same time ensure that the aromas of your food remain protected.

But our storage containers are not only ideal for storing food. They are also perfect for storing small kitchen utensils such as measuring spoons, graters or corkscrews in a clear and handy way. With the matching labels on the tins, you can always find what you are looking for quickly and save yourself the hassle of rummaging through drawers and cupboards.


Tins with a transparent lid are suitable for drawers, so that all food can be located immediately, even from a bird's eye view. Our storage tins LOFT, GASTROMAX or KLAR in black and white are perfect here. Especially in addition to a spice storage you have maximum order in your drawers with large and small storage jars.

Drawer organizer


Tins with transparent containers are suitable for cupboards. For those who want to do without plastic, our storage jars made of bamboo the right choice. We recommend long jars for deep cupboards and large, tall storage jars for plenty of space.


Large and small storage containers also prove their worth in the fridge in addition to the refrigerator organizer: Here, sausage and cheese can be packed airtight and clearly arranged and stacked to save space. At summer picnics, it's now easy to keep the goodies safely stored in a storage tin ready for transportation.
💡Tip: A small storage tin is also ideal for office supplies, such as small paper clips or thumbtacks, which you can keep in your desk organizer can no longer be stored in your desk organizer. This will keep you perfectly organized in all areas of life.

Size selection

The selection of different sizes makes it easier for you to find the ideal large or small storage jar. If you want to store a few nuts or baking ingredients, a small storage tin is suitable, while tins with a large volume are ideal for pasta, sugar or muesli. With our size guide, you are guaranteed to find the right storage tin for your dry provisions.


Label each storage tin with our customizable stickers, labels and tags. This way, you can easily recognize similar-looking contents - such as different types of flour. 
💡Tip: Use an erasable chalk marker to also note the shelf life and cooking time on the storage container.

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Save your space - everything in its place!

Stack one large or small storage container on top of another to fill the space optimally. Thanks to their various sizes, our containers can be perfectly adapted to your kitchen. This allows you to use the space that would have been wasted by torn and tippy packaging.

Last but not least, our storage containers are designed to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to make your kitchen individual and stylish. Whether modern or classic - our kitchen storage solutions combine practicality with design to transform your kitchen into an oasis of well-being where everything has its place.

Storage containers - practical and modern

Every kitchen is happy to have useful storage systems. Browse through our store and enrich your home with a small or large storage container to suit you. Try out our tips, organize your kitchen, use the available space and protect your supplies by keeping food fresh for longer.

Invest in your kitchen organization now and turn your kitchen chaos into a model of order and efficiency. Our large and small storage containers are not only practical, but also a visual eye-catcher that will give your kitchen a modern and stylish touch. Be inspired by the variety of our range and find the ideal storage containers to suit your lifestyle and kitchen decor.

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