Order in the children's room: clean up properly

How do you just make yourself and your child cleaning up? Our products and suggestions will help you Order in the nursery To preserve and also create a friendly atmosphere.

Children's room tidy
Four ideas so that you need less time to tidy up and spend more time with your child:

1. Free view of the parquet

in the nursery Is laughed, romped and ran. Drive cars, pound dinosaurs and gallop horses. However, mums want to suck. Free ground is helpful for all of these activities. Our storage boxes help here. Store everything that is not being played: cuddly toys, dolls, balls. With the light coloring and their cute animal motifs, decorate this nursery.
Establish order rituals for daily cleaning up. An example: the floor must be free before going to the playground. After moving out, dirty laundry is promoted to our round storage basket. This too is decorated with child motifs and has a practical lace -up closure.

2. Playfully on reset

Children like to play with legislative stones, parents like to step on it. Find funny games together to tidy up and Order to keep. So the mood remains funny and relaxed. A positive side effect: you strengthen your child's motor skills, the perseverance and the desire to win.
Three ideas: Wide throwing with cuddly toys or legisan stones in one of our toy boxes is fun.
Paint funny motifs on our labels and stick it with storage boxes in the nursery. This makes it easier for children to assign their toys to the place of storage.
Set up apartments for favorite cuddles and dolls together. Remove our storage baskets "Pompom" and "Nordic" with small cuddly ceilings. The bed is ready for Teddy, Barbie and Co.

3. Prevent toy chaos

How much Order Would we have played with toys from two categories at the same time, such as books and dinosaurs? Once the reading lesson has ended, the books are tidied up and the puzzles can be spread out.
Stow half of all toys in toy boxes and store them for a few weeks. Cuddly animal hordes are happy to rest in our storage basket with lace -up closure. If your child loses interest in the current toy, just exchange it and your little roommate is happy about almost forgotten belongings. Our foldable storage boxes, which can be stowed away when not being used, are ideal for this.

4th order in spring, summer, autumn and winter

Store clothes that do not fit at the current season, as well as bed linen, socks and other optics. The wardrobe remains clear and in winter there are no controversy about beloved, thin summer nightgowns.
Present a selection of clothes in the wardrobe, let your child have a say in what they prefer. So you have the essentials in view and the morning routine runs smoothly.
Separate yourself from clothing regularly in young children. Favorite tights will no longer fit next winter anyway.

When furnishing the children's room, pay attention to bright colors, carpet and a quiet ambience when the room also serves as a bedroom. Favorite toys should be at the level of the child so that it can achieve and help you tidy up. Parents prefer Order, Children love playing corners. Design that nursery With cozy retreats or a family reading corner - for relaxed cooperation.
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