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Spice rack - finest spices always at hand

They have been enriching our meals for generations, adding a special touch to every dish and are known in naturopathy for their beneficial effects on the body: Spices. Indispensable in the kitchen, wonderfully fragrant basil, aromatic thyme and spicy mild paprika want to be properly stored. An excellent idea for storing your favorite spices is a spice rack.

The smart organizers have enough capacity so that you can sort and store all your spices and herbs from anise to cinnamon and always have them at hand. In addition to their functionality, an openly designed spice rack made of wood or plastic allows you an attractive presentation of your spices in the glass container and provides a real eye-catcher - whether rustic, modern or classic. In addition, you always keep the overview. These are many good reasons to buy a spice rack. And so that you can rely on the quality of your spice rack, we have put together a selection of the best models.

Find your perfect spice rack

We invite you to browse and discover our range of spice racks. These versatile all-rounders make it easier for you to prepare culinary delicacies and give your kitchen the structure it needs. You can place a spice rack openly on your countertop or store it in a drawer. For both variants you will find the perfect solution with us. With a passion for order for many years, we have developed from BINS AND BOXES have specialized in high-quality products that ensure a tidy home in no time. In addition to functionality, we focus on high quality materials, careful workmanship and sophisticated design. With us, you can be sure that a spice rack in your kitchen will cut a really good figure for a long time and will not compromise on value and look. Get to know our spice rack now and get inspired for your whole personal herb gallery.

This is what you can expect from our spice racks for the kitchen

Spice racks, especially for the kitchen, bring several levels and are available in different materials. So you have plenty of space for different spices, which you simply decant after purchase into the glass containers and place on the spice rack in your kitchen. When buying a spice rack, make sure you get the right size. Orient yourself best to the number of spices that you primarily use in cooking. By extending the height you also remain flexible. If you feel like trying out a new spice, you can also store it in a container on your smart spice rack. In addition to spice racks made of wood, we have easy-care models made of plastic ready for you.

How about, for example, the spice rack LINUS WHITE by iDesign? The extendable spice rack made of plastic extends over three floors and thus brings enough storage space for numerous dried herbs in the jar. In addition, these are always safe and stable due to the raised edge. For other variants in our range, a non-slip coating has been integrated as a supplement.

The spice rack made of wood or bamboo conjures up a rustic look. This model is also characterized by three floors, which you can pull out and use flexibly. Likewise, you can decide for yourself whether you want the spice rack open in your kitchen to become an eye-catcher, or neatly stored in the cabinet.

For the latter solution is also the iDesign Linus Drawer Organizer as a spice rack is an excellent choice. Due to the intelligent design, all spice jars stay in their place and you always keep track. In addition, the spice rack impresses with an aesthetically simple design.

Our tip: Order when buying spice rack directly the matching spice jars made of high quality borosilicate glass including filling funnel and cleaning sponge with and create elegant and individual labeled with us. Spice stickerswhich fit perfectly in shape and size to these.

Elegant spice rack at BINS AND BOXES buy

Spices, in order to keep their fine aroma for a long time, should be stored properly. In an airtight and watertight glass container succeeds best. This you place on the spice rack and et voilà - everything has its perfect order. Order your favorite now in our online store. If your purchase reaches us by 11 a.m. on weekdays, your package will be sent to you by Swiss Post on the same working day. With the Economy shipping rate, shipping costs are free for orders over CHF 50. If you need quick order in your spice management, we offer you the priority rate. This way your order will be with you the next day. In addition, you will find various payment options.

If you have any questions about spice racks or would like advice on our storage boxes please feel free to contact us. We will personally take care of your request.