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Wooden storage box - for natural order

In today's fast-paced world, we enjoy an extended walk in nature all the more. But there is not always time in everyday life for such relaxing and restful hours. A great idea, how you simply bring nature home and at the same time provide order, is a storage box made of wood. The practical all-rounders are characterized by their beautiful appearance and bring you the highest functionality. A special quality of a wooden storage box is its versatility. Depending on your mood, you can use the generous interior volume of a wooden storage box in the way that best suits your purposes. In the Kitchen In the kitchen, baking ingredients cut a fine figure in a beautifully shaped wooden storage box. study paper clips, pens and co. find a reliable place.

Find your wooden storage box at BINS AND BOXES

You see, a wooden storage box is an excellent idea for your personal order and at the same time you can enjoy your very own piece of nature. With us from BINS AND BOXES you will find an exquisite selection of eco-friendly alternatives with the ECO line of the premium manufacturer iDesign. Each wooden storage box is made of paulownia wood, which comes from sustainable forestry. The pure natural product convinces with a particularly beautiful grain and presents itself in any room as a real eye-catcher.

As an expert in tidy living, we can highly recommend a charming wooden storage box. In addition to wood, you will discover high quality storage containers and Storage boxes made of many other materials such as metal or fabric. So you have the possibility to follow your preferences or simply combine different variants with each other. For us it is important that you always find individual solutions. After all, it's about you feeling really comfortable in your four walls. Let us inspire you with our wooden storage boxes.

This is what you can expect from a wooden storage box

Wood as a material for a storage box is characterized first and foremost by its sustainability. The natural raw material is renewable, unpolluted, as long as it comes from sustainable forestry, as is the case with our wooden storage boxes, and can be processed in many ways. At the same time, a wooden storage box has robust and stable properties. Even if it slips out of your hand, you don't have to worry about damage.

Of course, a wooden storage box shines with its rustic look and gives a room a warm and cozy ambience. Especially the models of iDesign's ECO line are an excellent choice for this purpose. You can find the models in different sizes, so you can choose a suitable wooden storage box according to your needs. Thanks to the open design of the smart everyday helpers, you always have the entire contents in view and within reach. Great when you need to cook or work quickly. Each wooden storage box is stackable. In addition, the wood has been sealed so that splintering and warping as well as stains have no chance.

Take your time to look around and discover our entire range of wooden storage boxes for your structured life - just the way you feel most comfortable.

Order your wooden storage box now at BINS AND BOXES

As soon as you have found your wooden storage box, you can order it conveniently from our online store and we will reliably take care of the rest. From an order value of CHF 50 in the economy rate, your package will even be shipped to you free of charge. If your order reaches us by 11 a.m. on weekdays, we will ship it on the same day. If you are in a hurry to receive your order, use the priority rate and you will receive the delivery on the next working day. Of course, we have different payment methods ready for you.

If you have any questions about a wooden storage box, please feel free to contact our storage specialists. We will advise you personally at any time and take care of your request competently. Because order can be so wonderfully natural!