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by Michèle Borer 23 Oct 2023

We say: Order in the bathroom is also feasible for you, promised! Do you know that? You get up in the morning and are already too late. Finally arrived in the bathroom, like every day, you stand in front of a hopeless mess of care products, half of which is actually superfluous, half full creams, loose cotton pads and a series of make -up utensils that you have not used for years. So tomorrow you will waste a lot of time looking for your favorite lotion and Co. and you are already completely annoyed and stressed at the breakfast table. Wouldn't it be much nicer if you had order in the bathroom where everything has its place and everything is at hand?

Organizing a bathroom is not that difficult when you know how to do it. So that you can also move in order with you in the bathroom, we will tell you how it succeeds in no time.

Why organize the bathroom?

Order in the bathroom has some noteworthy advantages, even if it feels like an unsolvable challenge at the beginning. We promise you, with order in the bathroom cabinet and the like, your life will make your life much easier and you will end up relieved to have dared to take the step.

By organizing bathroom drawers, cleaning up cupboards, Stickers, labels and labels Bringing and sorting shelves, you will find what you need faster in everyday life. You save yourself a lot of time and stress in the bathroom.

If everything has its place, your bathroom also looks much more inviting and friendly. You will notice that you can relax and switch off much better.

In addition, order in the bathroom contributes to hygiene, since you can clean more effective again and reduce the risk of potential sources of danger such as stumbling blocks or moist electrical appliances.

Ultimately, there is a large plus point of order in the bathroom that you always keep in view of which products you still have in stock and thus avoid unnecessary double purchases. So organizing the bathroom even saves money.

How do you get order in the bathroom?

Now that you know the advantages of a tidy bathroom, we will show you how to get order in the bathroom.

Tip 1 for your order in the bathroom: less is more!

To organize the bathroom, some motivation is required at the beginning. It is best to start clearing everything out and sorting out all products. Place the focus on what can stay. Everything that has expired or what you no longer need is properly disposed of or think about who can use well -preserved or even completely closed items. Perhaps one or the other is even suitable as a small present, like nicely packaged bathing additives. In order to establish a new routine in the long term and permanently ensure order in the bathroom, it is important that from now on you only keep what you really need. The less, the clearer and more structured your bathroom appears at the end, which significantly contributes to well -being.

Tip 2 for your order in the bathroom: The structure is the a and o

If the selection of all of your favorite products is now determined, you will share them in the second step for more order in the bathroom in categories. Structure this according to the benefits such as hair care, body care or nail care, and sort everything according to frequency, size and scope. By organizing your shelves, your mirror cabinet or your bathroom drawer, you have objects that you use every day, you have a handlebar. If everything has its fixed place, you never have to waste time again.

Körbe and Storage boxeswho, as with us, still look really chic and contribute to the modern look of a bathroom. You can also use the versatile everyday helpers as a storage tank for your order in the bathroom. The storage space that you win with the bathroom organization can be used, for example, for electrical appliances such as your hair dryer or straightener.

Tip 3 for your order in the bathroom: shop and sort smart

Before you sort everything again, the purchase of new regulatory assistants is pending. Create a list for your order in the bathroom. Pay attention to the selection of stackable boxes, spacious baskets, flat turntellers or intelligent Drawer organizer on high quality to enjoy it for a long time. Wall brackets, a mirror cabinet, shelves and hooks for the door also help to create order in the bathroom.

As soon as you have everything you need, the last step is just sorting in accordance with the categories and sequences created.

Tip: Order your favorites like Storage boxes for your bathroom Simply comfortable in our online shop. We have specialized in a range of well -known manufacturers, so that we can guarantee high value as well as an appealing design.

An option for the order in the bathroom is our storage basket made of rattan mesh, which is still woven by hand and is particularly robust. We offer this in different sizes. To organize bathroom drawers, the drawer organizer is recommended "clear" by iDesign. With the use you divide your drawers into different, individual areas and always have the perfect overview.

If you are looking for a solution for jewelry, one of the jewelry boxes from our shop is an excellent choice. The large subdivisions and devices ensure that all your treasures find their place.

Feel free to look around ourselves and discover your possibilities for more order in the bathroom.


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