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by Michèle Borer 31 Aug 2023

Are you in the fortunate situation of having a separate pantry of your own? A pantry offers countless advantages when it comes to neat and structured storage of food. Crucial for this: set up the pantry correctly.

But what should you consider when setting up your pantry, how can you set up a small pantry yourself and what actually belongs in such a pantry? These are exactly the questions we have highlighted for you in the following.

Organize your pantry - but how?

A pantry is a special room designed for the storage of certain foods, so that you always have those that you need frequently in stock. In particular, dry products such as pasta, rice, flour, oatmeal or baking ingredients, as well as canned or preserved food will find a reliable place here. Sometimes the storage space is also suitable to put rarely used kitchen appliances. Also a medicine cabinet can also be set up in the pantry.

Different conditions are required to a pantry, so that all the food in it can be stored optimally. Firstly, the room should be located near the kitchen and, in the best case, on the outer wall of the house. The ideal temperature in a pantry is about 15 degrees and humidity around 70 percent. Make sure that there is regular ventilation. If this is not possible in a natural way, such as by opening a window or door, you should think about installing a ventilation system. A floor space of at least two, preferably four square meters creates enough storage space to effectively set up a pantry.

What are the advantages of a well-structured pantry?

A pantry that has been ideally set up has several decisive advantages. First, you gain storage space for stocking food. Furthermore, climatic conditions prevail here that are more suitable for cold-sensitive food than, for example, the cool environment of the refrigerator. Provided that you organize your pantry sensibly, for example with Storage boxes for the kitchenyou will always have everything at hand at the right time and will not have to constantly search for certain products. At the same time, organizing your pantry will help you keep track of what you need, replenish food before it runs out, and keep an eye on the shelf life of individual products.

How to create a pantry?

To optimize the arrangement of your pantry so that everything has its order, you need two things: some time and suitable and smart storage systems. The first thing you have to find, the second thing we have ready for you. Even small storage chambers can be made more efficient with our storage boxes with our storage boxes.

Set up pantry: Sorting out

The first step in setting up the pantry is to sort out the food. Check all products for expiration dates. However, they don't always have to end up in the trash once their expiration date has passed. Dry products such as pasta or canned goods are usually still edible far beyond the expiration date. If you no longer need durable food, social institutions are happy about the donation. Once you've sorted out everything you need to set up your pantry, start by cleaning the room thoroughly.

Set up your pantry: Categorize

The next step on the way to the perfect pantry setup is the categorization of all food. The following groups have proven to be useful:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cereal products
  • Spices
  • Preserves and preserves
  • Dairy products
  • Baking ingredients
  • Sweets
  • Drinks

You can organize the shelves yourself according to your individual ideas. Just pay attention to the following point and our tips.

Setting up a pantry: the right storage

Different foods have different requirements for ideal storage conditions. To set up a pantry, you should think about appropriate storage solutions in advance, once you have sorted out and categorized. Packaged goods can be stored loose or inside boxes. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, can be stored in special storage boxes where the air can circulate better.

Put your favorite cereal, sugar or pasta in airtight containers such as storage jars. Among other things, you will discover the smart GastroMax KLAR storage containers in various sizes, which are stackable and thus space-saving. Since they are transparent, you can see directly what the contents are and provide for replenishment when this is slowly used up.

The airtight seal keeps the food protected and longer lasting. A tip when setting up the pantry, which again makes it easier for you to search and find: label your containers or even the shelves. For this we hold charming stickers, labels and tags ready.

If you decide to use the iDesign CLASSICO METAL storage basket when setting up your pantry, it already comes with an integrated label holder. Due to the front opening you have a good overview at any time and always have everything at hand. These models are also conveniently stackable for organizing your pantry. A great option to create a small pantry.

Are you a wine lover? For the arrangement of your pantry you will discover in our assortment the bottle holder KLAR for clear and elegant storage of your best drops. Furthermore, the smart design prevents the bottles from rolling away. With the stackability and expandability, you can set up a pantry so that you can accommodate even a very large wine stock in a space-saving way.

Setting up a pantry: sorting sensibly

When you start arranging your pantry, place foods that you use frequently at handle height. Those that you need less often can be stored higher up or lower down.

Put groceries in the very back. This way, when you set up your pantry, you'll ensure that you always use food with an expiration date close to the time you need it first.

Tip: Keep a list to keep track of all your pantry inventory. This will make it easier for you to strategically organize your pantry and avoid duplicate purchases and empty items.

To keep your pantry organized in the long run, put everything back in its place according to the categories after use, check your supplies regularly and clean the room at certain intervals.

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