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by Michèle Borer 21 Nov 2022

Once you have stored something with the help of a storage tin, you will not want to do without this convenience. A storage tin filled with ingredients is a real eye-catcher! Our decorative tins are versatile and a must-have for a radiant kitchen. They save valuable space, protect food from pests, make it last longer and make household organization easier. So you easily keep track of everything!

From kitchen chaos to tidiness pro - goodbye torn packaging, hello clean storage tin!
Do you want to decorate your cereals in a charming way on the kitchen shelf or put an end to the chaos in your kitchen drawer? With one or the other storage tin you will succeed in the twinkling of an eye. Our practical everyday helpers are made of transparent plastic and glass and are therefore ideal for cabinets, shelves or the refrigerator.


For drawers, cans with a transparent lid are suitable, so all food can be located immediately even from a bird's eye view. Our storage tins LOFT, GASTROMAX or KLAR in Black and White are perfectly suited here.

Cans with transparent containers are suitable for cabinets. Who wants to do without plastic, will find in our storage jars made of BAMBOO the right choice. For deep cabinets we recommend you long and for much space in height, high storage jars.

Size selection
The selection of different sizes makes it easier for you to find the ideal storage tin. If you only need a few nuts or baking ingredients, a small storage tin is suitable, for noodles, sugar or muesli, tins with a lot of volume are ideal. With our size guide, you are guaranteed to find the right storage tin for your dry goods.

Label each storage tin with our personalizable labelsThis way you can easily identify similar looking contents - such as different types of flour.
💡Tip: use a wipeable chalk marker to additionally note the shelf life and cooking time on the storage container.

Save your space - everything in its place!
Stack one storage container on top of the other to optimally fill the space. Through various sizes, our containers are wonderfully adaptable to your kitchen. In this way, you use the space that would have been wasted by torn and tippy packaging.

A storage tin also proves its worth in the refrigerator: Here, sausage and cheese can be packed airtight, clearly arranged and stacked in a space-saving way. At summer picnics, it's easy from now on to get the goodies safely ready for transport in a storage tin. Here our storage tins are suitable LOFT are the best.
💡Tip: A small storage box is also wonderful for office supplies, such as small paper clips or thumbtacks. This way you are perfectly organized in all areas of life.

Every kitchen is happy about a useful organization system. Browse our Store and enrich your home with the right storage box for you. Try out our tips, arrange your kitchen clearly, use the given space and protect your supplies and keep food fresh longer. Have fun trying it out!

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