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by Michèle Borer 07 Dec 2023

The kitchen is not only the place where culinary delicacies are created, but often the heart of a home. It's where the family comes together, where you meet up with good friends, where you laugh, celebrate and enjoy together. Whether it's a delicious three-course meal, a breakfast brunch, a finger food buffet or simply dinner, a well-thought-out kitchen environment is essential for preparation. That's why it's a good decision to organize your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen tidy not only saves time and nerves, but also invites you to experiment.

Are you ready to organize your kitchen and give it an upgrade? In the following article, we'll tell you why kitchen organization is so important and which five kitchen hacks really bring order to chaos.

Why an organization system for the kitchen?

Organizing your kitchen is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons: on the one hand, a well thought-out storage system in the kitchen increases efficiency and functionality when cooking, preparing and setting the table, and also ensures an appealing look that enhances the sense of well-being within the room.

What are the advantages of organizing a kitchen? 

Work more efficiently

If every kitchen appliance, kitchen utensil, food processor and ingredient has a fixed place, you avoid unnecessary searching and wasting time. What's more, once you have organized your kitchen, you can plan and carry out your preparations more clearly, as you know exactly where everything is and what you have to hand.

Storage boxes for the kitchen

Reduce stress

By organizing your kitchen, you reduce stress. Why? Cooking in an orderly environment helps you to keep a clear head, stay more relaxed and proceed in a structured manner. A system of order in the kitchen takes the pressure off you, which ultimately has a positive effect on the taste of your creations.

Use space efficiently

Small kitchens in particular benefit from order and structure. By organizing your kitchen, you make efficient use of every nook and cranny and sometimes even have more newly gained storage space at your disposal.

Store food correctly

Has the opened milk expired again, the bread gone moldy or the fruit spoiled? With the kitchen organizer, this will no longer happen to you. Instead, you can make sure that food doesn't spoil or expire because you can easily keep an eye on everything.

Another plus: you avoid food waste and reduce unnecessary costs that arise from duplicate purchases.

Ensure an appealing look

Guests, flatmates, your family and you - everyone will feel much more comfortable in an organized kitchen. Organizing your kitchen automatically gives the area an appealing look, which you can underline with targeted accents such as pictures, decorative objects or textiles.

Increase safety

In chaos, it is inevitable that knives are left lying around, containers are left open or liquids end up on the floor. Keeping the kitchen tidy reduces the risk of accidents caused by cutting, slipping or burning.

GastroMax storage containers

5 kitchen hacks for more order

Without overdoing it, kitchen organization can do wonders for your daily routine. Whether you're a professional chef or just make the occasional sandwich, the following kitchen hacks will get your space organized without much effort.

Kitchen hack 1: Create zones in the kitchen

When organizing your kitchen, start with an inventory of your kitchen utensils and divide your kitchen into different zones. Think about the way you cook and which kitchen tools you need for the different tasks. The preparation zone has space for chopping boards, knives and bowls, while the cooking zone contains pots, pans and cooking utensils. By organizing your kitchen, you ensure that you always have all the necessary kitchen utensils to hand. This in turn saves you time and reduces stress.

Kitchen hack 2: The use of transparent storage boxes for the kitchen

Does this sound familiar? You want to whip up a rice dish and rummage through your entire pantry, only to realize you're out of rice after all? By organizing dry foods such as pasta, grains and spices in transparent storage boxes when you organize your kitchen? storage boxes for the kitchen you can see the contents and fill level at a glance and know when it's time to replenish. In addition, containers with stickers, labels and tags stylishly labeled. The gadgets not only help you to keep your kitchen organized, but also give it a uniform and modern look.

LOFT storage containers

Kitchen hack 3: Attaching hooks and holders

When organizing your kitchen, you can make excellent use of hooks and wall brackets to make the most of the vertical space in your kitchen. For example, install hooks under your wall units to hang cups or kitchen utensils. There are also kitchen and spice holders with wall brackets or elegant models that save space but can be pulled out when needed. This allows you to create more space on the worktop while keeping everything you regularly need within easy reach.

Kitchen hack 4: Turntable and pull-out inserts

Do you regularly face the challenge of fishing the soy sauce out of the back of the cupboard? Lazy Susan" turntable help you organize your kitchen. They allow you to easily reach food or dishes without having to stretch or bend down. They also help you Drawer organizers and dividers help you to use the space more efficiently and ensure that nothing gets lost and everything stays in place.

Kitchen hack 5: Regular inventory and decluttering

Once you've organized your kitchen, it doesn't always stay that way. Therefore, regularly take time to check your supplies, sort out expired food and sell, donate or recycle things that you no longer need. The minimalist approach will help you organize your kitchen for the long term while maintaining an aesthetic look. For a kitchen in which you cook with love and passion.

ECO - Turntable

Basic equipment: Storage for tidiness in the kitchen

What do you need to organize your kitchen? Use the following list and get inspired to organize your kitchen. You can also browse through our range and discover functional, high-quality and modern storage solutions from renowned brands.

Ideal for organizing your kitchen:

  • Transparent storage boxes
  • Stickers, labels and tags
  • Storage baskets
  • Cutlery trays
  • Waste and recycling bins
  • Turntable
  • Condiment jars and labels
  • Fridge organizer
  • Spice racks or carousels
  • Drawer organizers and dividers
  • Hooks and holders

Tip: With our starter sets you are equipped with everything you need to organize your kitchen.

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