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by Michèle Borer 08 Sep 2023

Imagine that you come home from work in the late afternoon, open the garage door, drive to your protected parking space, look around and everything has its perfect order. Beses and garden tools hang in a row on the wall, the tool is placed in stable boxes and your sports equipment is compactly stowed away on the shelf. Sounds impossible? Quite the opposite. We show you how you can clean up the garage quickly and quickly and then save a lot of time, nerves and stress. A tidy garage brings you numerous advantages and makes everyday life easier for you.

How does the garage open up and why is that a good idea? Let yourself be inspired by our following five steps for your clean -up project.

Why clean up the garage?

Before we take a closer look at how you can tidy up your garage, we take a look at the reasons for tidying up the garage. The garage is like the secret basement. Over the years, there are often some things that are either rarely or no longer needed. True to the motto "out of sight, out of mind". The crux: you are giving away unnecessary storage space and sometimes even your car can no longer park properly.

If you clean up your garage, you will win more storage space in no time, which you can effectively organize, find objects much faster and ensure that tools and Co. are stored correctly, which extends their lifespan. Another important aspect that speaks for the garage is the reduction of security risks. Workers lying on the floor can quickly become a stumbling block. Likewise, there is a potential source of danger in improperly stored colors. Not to forget, tidying up after the garage you have enough space for your car again.

To clean up the supposed storage room, a smart order and Storage systemthat contributes to clarity and a sustainable order.

Cleaning the garage: 5 tips that help you perfect in your garage

We know that it is not easy to motivate yourself to clean up for the garage. But we promise you, in the end you will be relieved and happy. With our tips, tidying up the garage is no longer that difficult!

Tip 1 cleaning up when the garage: the preliminary planning

Tidying up the garage will be much easier for you if you set up a plan beforehand. Drive out your car and look around. Think about where exactly when you get a garage, what should find its place and how you imagine it in the end. It is also helpful to make a small sketch.

Tip 2 tidy up when the garage: first clear out, then tidy up

Before you get rid of the garage, clear out everything that is in it. Empty the entire garage and put everything in a place where you can then sort out in peace. This step is elementary when tidying up the garage to create order faster.

Tip 3 tidy up when the garage: off you go with the sorting out

There are usually many things in the garage that you probably don't need anymore. They only take up space unnecessarily, which you can certainly use better. The so-called ‚Äúthree-stack principle‚ÄĚ has proven itself in the mucking out:

  1. Stack: All objects that you use regularly.
  2. Stack: Everything you use irregularly, but at least once a month.
  3. Stack: Everything you rarely use until no longer uses.

All things that are tidying up on Stack three when tidying up the garage will be disposed of properly, may be able to sell them or donate them. In the second stack, you can consider again what you really need and the first stack, along with everything from stacks 2, will later be sorted into your new order system.

Tip 4 cleaning up when the garage: shopping

Now it's time to see how you can best use the room after the garage. Where can you be placed, where can you install wall brackets and what can be kept in boxes. Also important: where do you place bicycles or lawnmowers so that they do not block access?

Based on this, a shopping list, with all the regulatory helpers who clean up after the garage ensure a long -term system. With us you will find the storage boxes for the Keller and the garagethat are ideal for tools and other small stuff. Different sizes ensure that every need for space is met. They can also be stacked with or without a lid. Provided with Stickers, labels and labels Do you always have everything at hand.

Cleaning up your list of the garage should also include warehouse shelves or wall cupboards that are big enough to grasp all the bearings. For example, find screws in Doses a new home. Various brackets are perfectly suitable for hanging devices such as brooms, tools or even sports equipment. These can be assembled quickly and can then be used in many ways.

Tip 5 clearing up the garage: basic cleaning

After you have cleaned up your supposed "storage chamber" and got yourself all the practical regulatory assistants, it is still possible to clean up thoroughly before you get there. Free your garage from dust, dirt, cobwebs and the like and pour through the soil. You may also have to repair some small damage or renew stripped color. Then you can start tidying up the garage with the last steps: build shelves, attach wall hooks and everything in place as in smart Storage boxes Clear.

Complete! From now on, it is best to plan time to keep your garage in good condition. This is how you make sure that you can use the area effectively.

A tip at the end: If you have many well -preserved things that you no longer need after the garage, just hold a garage flea market.

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